Faith in Action Awards

At last night’s Community Ministry Summit (Oct. 23, 2015), representatives from 15 congregations shared how they are serving the marginalized and vulnerable outside their four walls. We honored two superb servants.

Second-Mile Award

Linda Howard of Ventura Church of Christ was nominated by Pastor Dave Schulze to receive the Second-Mile Award.
“If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” -Matthew 5:41
Go above and beyond the letter of the law.” -Talmud

“This person worked for many years for a local company, Southern California Edison.
The company has a program in which they honor the volunteer work an employee
does in the community with a monetary gift to the non-profit of the employee’s choice.
This program also applies to the company’s retired employees.
This person has done this volunteer work for many years, and continues to do it in retirement.
This person chose to donate the monetary gift from the company to Project Understanding.
This person currently takes their dog into a convalescent hospital each week, to uplift patients.
This person is: Linda Howard, member of the Ventura Church of Christ.”

-Dave Schulze, pastor of Ventura Church of Christ

Ledbetter Terry

God’s Banker Award

Terry Ledbetter (see photo) of First Christian Christian Church in Ventura was nominated by Pastor Jonathan Hall to receive the God’s Banker Award for her service and kindness to the needy and poor.
Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.” -Proverbs 19:17

“As her pastor, I can say that she inspires me more than I probably inspire her. To the word, ‘inspire,’ she breathes life into so many people- including her family and church family.

“You may have never seen Terry.
She was probably working behind the scenes making it all possible.
She may have been driving someone to a doctor’s appointment.
She may have been staying late after everyone had left to clean up the mess.
She may have been arriving early to ensure that everything is set up.
She may have been driving up to Oregon to spend time with a family member after they had surgery.
She may have been calling a church member to ask for prayers for someone else.
She may have been writing a newsletter article about the importance of being regularly tested for cancer in order to have a better chance of surviving.

“You may have never met Terry, but you may know others like her.
If you know someone who sees what is going on in your life or what you post on Facebook and then calls to check on you, then you have met Terry.
If you have ever seen someone drive harvests from our garden at First Christian Church each week to the old Project Understanding building on the Avenue, then you have met Terry.
If you have ever met someone who tends to serve on almost every committee, then you have met Terry.
If you have ever met someone who steps up when others step back, then you have met Terry.
If you have ever seen someone make lemonade out of lemons, then you have met Terry.
If you ever look up to someone because of your utmost respect for them, then you have met Terry.

“If you believe that God is working behind the scenes in this world for the betterment of all, then you know that Terry Ledbetter is a child of God. Unfortunately, I am unable to be at tonight’s event, but I am glad that I do not have to read this statement in public because I wouldn’t make it through without crying.

“I know Terry and because of knowing her I feel that I better know God.”
-Jonathan Hall, pastor of First Christian Church, Ventura