Friendraiser with Lily Tomlin

Tomlin_closeup 990x660Lily Tomlin won a Tony award for dignifying our homeless neighbors in The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. She gave them a voice:

You look away from me, tryin’ not to catch my eye, but you didn’t turn fast enough, did you? You don’t like my raspy voice, do you? I got this raspy voice, ’cause I have to yell all the time, ’cause nobody ever LISTENS to me.

I know what you’re thinkin’; you’re thinkin’ I’m crazy. You think I give a hoot? You people look at my shopping bags, call me crazy ’cause I save this junk. What should we call the ones who buy it?

On Friday night, March 13, she reprised her homeless role as part of “An Evening with Lily Tomlin” Friendraiser at Rubicon Theatre, Ventura. Before the show, Project Understanding led a Q&A session about Homeless to Home outreach. Following Tomlin’s enchanting performance, Susan Van Abel hosted guests at a reception highlighting Project Understanding. County Supervisor Steve Bennett and Ventura Mayor Cheryl Heitmann spoke on behalf of Project Understanding.

Tomlin_typewriterOur deep thanks to Ms. Tomlin, who donated her performance, and to Rubicon for hosting this evening to raise awareness of Homelessness in
our community. If the name Lily Tomlin rings a bell, it may be because she has won 2 Tony Awards, 7 Emmys and been nominated for an Oscar.

In between the laughter and the Kleenex, we all grew a little wiser. And, Lily, we are still hoping for you to receive an Oscar.