Olga the Servant

It’s hard to find your way in the dark.

Olga can tell you just how very hard it is. Twenty years ago she had no hope. She used drugs. She spiraled down for 13 years. She lost her son when he was 8 years old. She missed holidays. She missed birthdays. She missed his high school graduation. She spent time in jail.

Somewhere in between, in 2000, she experienced Project Understanding’s Pantry. And when she hit the bottom—no money, no friends, broken—she remembered Project.

Now, she’s proud to say in the bright light of day, that she’s been clean and sober for nine years. She has earned an Associate of Arts degree in Substance Abuse Counselling. She has worked very hard. Her record has been wiped clean. She’s repaying her debts to society. She’s a member of The River Community.

It hasn’t been easy, but she was determined, and Project was there to help.

“Thank you, Project, for turning the light on,” says Olga.

Olga is now Site Manager at The City Center. She volunteers at her church’s pantry and at Project Safe where she works to stop drunk drivers. Best of all, she’s been reunited with her son and two beautiful grandchildren…and her son is studying to become a pastor.

She’s in the light. And she is a light for others. Thank you, Olga, for sharing your light!