Homeless 2 Home (H2H)

Homeless 2 Home (H2H)
Case management services to homeless individuals who desire to change their life situation for the better.

Providing a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Getting back on your feet is instrumental to leading a happy and healthy life. Project Understanding is structured to help people in need make it through tough times by assisting with Food, Housing and Tutoring. Empowering yourself to be self-sufficient can be achieved with focus, work and understanding.

If you are homeless and are looking for help to find housing, please call Homeless 2 Home between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday-Friday at (805) 231-2299. The address is 2734 Johnson Drive Suite 201 or Suite E, Ventura, CA 93003, near the bus stop. (The office does not have a public restroom.)

Homeless 2 Home (H2H)
2734 Johnson Dr, Suite 201 or Suite E
Ventura, CA 93003
Open: M-F 9am to 4:00pm
Phone: (805) 652-1326, ext 401

Koozehkanani (Hank)

Program Manager

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If you need assistance, please contact us to get started.

2015 Stats

New Intake (91)
Permanent Housing (46)
Transitional Housing (16)
Reunited/H2H (9)
Homelessness Prevention/Rental Assistant (94)

Program Requirements (Intake Portion):

  • Proof of Income – last two check stubs, SSI/SSA/Disability award letter or bank statement if direct deposit, food stamps, unemployment stubs.
  • Proof of Address – rental agreement; if renting a room, letter from landlord
  • Proof of Dependents/custody – rental agreement (if listed on it), legal paperwork and awarding custody.
  • If Homeless, ID and mailing address