Circle of Caring

Homeless-WeekA broad array of city officials and civic and social service leaders will gather with Venturans at 11:30am, Thursday, November 20, at the gazebo in Plaza Park to celebrate citywide collaboration in Ventura’s Homeless 2 Home success. Everyone is invited to join the Circle of Caring around the park. This event will be Ventura’s capstone in National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (Nov. 16-23).

Some of the following facts will be highlighted:
• Homeless 2 Home (H2H) has housed 238 homeless Ventura residents!

• You can get a prompt response for a homeless neighbor 6 days a week by calling Homeless 2 Home — (805) 639-3600.

• Ventura’s Police Department has dedicated a team of officers, the Patrol Task Force (PTF), to help our homeless neighbors!

• Homeless 2 Home is a citywide collaborative initiative, engaging:
∙ Project Understanding
∙ Salvation Army
∙ Turning Point Foundation
∙ St. Vincent de Paul
∙ Lutheran Social Services
∙ Ventura Social Services Task Force
∙ Ventura County HSA and Behavioral Health
∙ Community Intervention Court
∙ Community Memorial Hospital
∙ Ventura County Medical Center

• Homeless 2 Home partners with food pantries across Ventura to help newly housed neighbors stabilize their lives!

• The City of Ventura provides $100,000 annually for these and related services!

• The Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund keeps families in their homes by leveraging funds 1,200 percent!

• Downtown Ventura’s Family Reconnection Program has reconnected 53 needy individuals with their families.