• What We Do

    Project Understanding helps the homeless get housed and safe. We keep at-risk families housed and fed. We tutor hundreds of children every week to bend the arc of their future. List of Programs

  • Food

    The Food Pantry at Project Understanding helps to provide groceries once a month to families whose budget cannot support the purchase of their own. Learn more

  • Housing

    Housing at Project Understanding consists of a number of programs designed to help people get back on their feet, providing a place to live and become self reliant. Learn more

  • Tutoring

    Tutoring Centers at Project Understanding provide extra instruction for students grades K-5 with volunteer tutors in one-to-one interaction. Learn more

Ventura County Family Assistance

Project Understanding provides hope by developing and directing resources for the purpose of transforming lives and community through justice, mercy and compassion. Through collaboration, we assist people to reach their highest attainable level of independence. Project Understanding is founded on the ideals and principles of Judaism and Christianity.